Exobar (Beta) has a limited support for multiple themes.

To add a new theme to Exobar, make a new directory at /Library/Exobar and create a theme.html file. This is the entry point to your theme.



Exobar allows an info.plist file (in the same directory as theme.html) that'll contain information about the theme.

Key Type Description
author string Author name.
version string Theme version.
description string Theme description.
settings array Custom settings.
  author = "Nepeta";
  version = "1.0.0";
  description = "The default theme included with Exobar. You're not actually supposed to use it, rather base new themes off it.";
  settings = (
      cell = "PSSwitchCell";
      default = true;
      label = "Test setting";
      key = "TestSetting";

preview and preview_modern

Exobar starts by looking for preview_modern.png and then preview_modern.jpg on notched devices (iPhone X and similar) and devices that use the same status bar.

Then it looks for preview.png and preview.jpg.

Sizes don't matter.