Variable name Type Description
time string Current time.
time.withSeconds string Time with seconds.


Variable name Type Description
battery.charging boolean true if the phone is plugged into power, otherwise false.
battery.percentage integer Represents current battery percentage.


Variable name Type Description string Device name (i.e. the one you set in Settings)
device.type string Device type (e.g. iPhone10,4)


Variable name Type Description
media.playing boolean true if any media is playing, otherwise false.
media.album string Album title
media.artist string Artist name
media.title string Title
media.elapsed float Playback time in seconds
media.duration float Track duration
media.application string Bundle identifier of the currently playing application.
media.image string HTML data URL with a JPEG image of the artwork.


Variable name Type Description
memory.physical integer Device's physical memory
memory.used integer Used memory integer Free memory integer Total memory (different from physical; used + free)


Variable name Type Description string Carrier name.
mobile.strength.current integer Current signal strength (bars).
mobile.strength.max integer Maximum signal strength (bars).


Variable name Type Description
system.version string System version


Variable name Type Description
weather.available boolean Is weather available? (Requires the Weather app to be installed and configured.) string - string - string - string - string - string -
weather.windChill float -
weather.windDirection float -
weather.windSpeed float -
weather.humidity float -
weather.visibility float -
weather.pressure float -
weather.dewPoint float -
weather.heatIndex float -
weather.precipitationPast24Hours float -
weather.uvIndex integer -
weather.conditionCode integer -
weather.condition string Natural language description of the current weather condition.
weather.sunsetTime integer -
weather.sunriseTime integer -
weather.moonPhase integer -
weather.temperature.current float -
weather.temperature.feelsLike float -
weather.temperature.unit string Can be either "C", or "F".
weather.temperature.low float -
weather.temperature.high float -
weather.chanceOfRain float -
weather.dayForecasts array Array of day forecasts.
weather.hourlyForecasts array Array of hourly forecasts.

weather.dayForecasts (object in the array)

Variable name Type Description
day integer -
dayOfTheWeek integer -
icon integer -
temperature.high float -
temperature.low float -

weather.hourlyForecasts (object in the array)

Variable name Type Description
time string In the format of "HH:MM".
conditionCode integer -
percentPrecipitation float -
detail string -
temperature float -


Variable name Type Description
wifi.enabled boolean Is WiFi enabled. string Network name.
wifi.strength.current integer Current signal strength (bars).
wifi.strength.rssi integer Current signal strength (RSSI).


Accessing Exo variables from JavaScript

Exo allows you to access these variables directly from JavaScript by exposing this method:

_.get(name, skipFilters = false)

Getting a variable is as easy as calling _.get(''), there's also an optional skipFilters parameter available that skips filters if there any applied to this variable.